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If you are an individual or family who does a lot of traveling, whether it be for business or pleasure, what would you do if a medical emergency were to arise while away? Who would you or your family call? The answer is One World Rescue. If any of our members becomes hospitalized while traveling more than 150 Miles from home, one call activates a team of experts with the singular focus of getting you to the hospital and doctors of your choice. No fighting with insurance companies, no wondering how you will get home. Our in house medical director reviews your condition and a strategy to get you to your preferred hospital begins immediately.


With the Platinum membership from One World Rescue, you and your family will know, should a medical emergency resulting in hospitalization happen, you’re covered under our wing! Annual memberships start as low as $400 a year.

Platinum Members receive:

  • One call activation privileges.

  • Up to two medical transports per annual membership period.

  • Family memberships can include two adults (including member) & up to 3 children under 21 years of age.

  • Piece of mind.

Platinum Individual



Every year

Individual Platinum Rescue

Valid until canceled

Best Value

Platinum Family



Every year

Family Platinum Rescue

Valid until canceled

Up to two adults

Up to three children

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