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Organizational Plan

If air travel is a regular occurrence for your organization, you probably know how hard it can be to navigate a medical emergency. Whether they are traveling internationally or domestically, it can be difficult to find medical coverage to keep your people safe and secure during their travels.

Fortunately, we have found a way to make things easier!


One world rescue can save you time and money by providing a wide variety of emergency air travel benefits for groups from 10-10000 and more.

Emergency Transport Benefits for the Entire Organization

With our organization membership plan, you can ensure every member of your company, group, or mission has a way to get to the treatment facility of their choice if they become seriously ill or injured during a trip.

Traditional travel insurance plans only cover one trip at a time. This can make coverage for regular air travel costly and frustrating to navigate. With a One World Rescue membership, our membership plan can save you time and money by providing comprehensive protection on a yearly basis – rather than per trip.


Whereas traditional insurance companies may not cover long-distance emergency transportation, we are able to get your personnel where they need to be for one yearly fee.

Highly Qualified Personnel and Advanced Medical Technology

Each of our providers are highly-trained, accredited, and hand-picked by our medical director Gabriel Krenitsky MD. Our provider’s medical staff, pilots, and safety personnel are the best in the industry and are fully equipped to handle complicated medical flights.

Life is unpredictable, getting your people home in an emergency doesn’t have to be.


Call us today at 1-216-298-9160 to speak with one of our dedicated member coordinators and we will create a custom organizational plan to meet your needs.

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