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  • Is OneWorld Rescue an insurance?
    No, OneWorld Rescue is not an insurance, and has nothing to do with insurance. OWR is a membership program that gives you the benefit of saving thousands if you happen to require a medical transport from anywhere in the world
  • When am I elegible to use my membership?
    You are eligible to be transported once you have paid your enrollment fee, provided that you are not hospitalized or in need of rescue at the time of enrollment. Non-members will need a custom quote to initiate services.
  • I have health insurance, why would I need this membership?
    Unfortunately, medical transports can be very expensive and health insurance does not always cover the cost. Even when a policy includes emergency transports, they typically require the patient to provide payment upfront and later they may reimburse you. More importantly insurance companies only cover transports to the closest adequate hospital NOT home. Many times they determine the hospital you are in to be “adequate” and deny the transport. A One World Rescue membership will not only save you the hassle of having to navigate through endless phone calls with insurance companies, but we will get you to the destination of your choice.
  • If I don't have health insurance, can I still sign up for a membership?
    You are not required to have medical insurance to sign up or benefit from this program. While being insured is not needed for membership enrollment, you should keep in mind that insurance may be necessary for hospital acceptance. Unfortunately, we can only provide a member transport when we have confirmation that your hospital of choice has accepted you as a patient.
  • Are there any reasons I wouldn't be able to use my membership?
    Residency: A member must reside in the United States or, at the company’s sole discretion Canada. Medical: A member with mild lesions, simple injuries, sprains, simple fractures or mild conditions that can be treated locally and not require further medical or emergency care do not qualify for an air medical transport under this program. The decision to transport a member is based on the members medical condition, not membership status. There are no preexisting conditions that would prevent you from using this membership. However, A Member being evaluated for or on an organ transplant list prior to enrollment will not be entitled to a transport for conditions related to that transplant. A Member who is hospitalized at the time of enrollment will not be eligible for transport benefits for that hospitalization and may not be accepted for membership in the Program entirely. A Member traveling outside of the United States for the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient, experimental or otherwise, will not be eligible for air medical transport benefits for that specific medical condition. A member beyond the second trimester of pregnancy may not be transported if the transport request relates to the pregnancy. Safety: Due to the high risk of sending U.S. registered aircraft and personnel into countries or geographic regions where the U.S. State Department, Department of Transportation, or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued travel restrictions, Program services are not available in these areas. Program services may not be available when requested due to factors beyond the Company’ control, such as use of the appropriate aircraft by another Member or other circumstances governed by operational requirements or restrictions including, but not limited to, equipment manufacturer limitations, governmental regulations, maintenance requirements, Member condition, age or size, or weather conditions. FAA restrictions prohibit most Program aircraft from flying in inclement weather conditions. The primary determinant of whether to accept a flight is always the safety of the Member and medical flight crews.
  • When do I call One World Rescue and what are the next steps?
    If you find yourself with a medical emergency, or in need of advanced rescue services (titan members) while traveling, seek appropriate help/treatment locally immediately. Once it has been determined that you need additional medical care requiring hospital admission, call the phone number on your card and be connected with our Medical Travel Coordinators. Be prepared to provide the coordinators with the name and phone number of the hospital you are being treated at and the name and any contact information you may have for where you would like to be transported to. Our in-house medical team will begin reaching out for medical records to determine the urgency of the transport, the best timing, and the most suitable means of transportation. The process for titan members needing more advanced tactical or rescue services is the same. Call us and our experts will start coordinating repatriation.
  • How will I be transported?
    There are several ways in which OneWorld Rescue may arrange your transport Private Medical Equipped Aircraft- Private medical jets are configured to serve as mini intensive care units and are capable of handling BLS, ALS and critical care patients. Medical staff will be configured based on the patient’s needs. International Commercial Stretcher Service- This means that some rows of seats on a commercial airline will be replaced with an approved stretcher. The medical staff will bring all of the proper medical supplies and equipment and travel with you to your destination. Medical Escort- This transport is for patients who are medically stable and cleared to fly but need minor continued medical care and monitoring.
  • Who determines if and when I will be transported?
    Once we have received the medical notes from the treating hospital, our inhouse medical team will review all of your medical needs with the Medical Director. Once it has been determined that you require one of the forms of transports our coordinators will determine the safest most effective way to activate your transport.
  • Does One World Rescue have a Medical Director?
    Yes, our medical director is Gabriel Krenitsky MD, a board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician and Commercially rated pilot. He personally reviews every activation request, and works with the sending and receiving physicians as needed.
  • Will One World Rescue follow HIPPA guidelines?
    Your comfort and privacy are very important to us, our medical department follow all HIPPA compliant guidelines to ensure your medical records are kept confidential. However, all flights will be flown pursuant to FAR Part 135, which requires disclosure of all the persons on a flight to the aircraft operator. Additionally, the Company may be required to furnish member data, such as name and date of birth, or passport information to comply with national and international security requirements or governing bodies.
  • If I am transported by another company, will this membership cover the cost?
    No. In order to be covered by this membership you must allow OneWorld Rescue to make and provide all transport arrangements.
  • Is there a limit to how many transports I can receive?
    You may receive up to 2 transports per year during the duration of the membership.
  • I purchased an individual membership; can I upgrade to a family membership?
    Yes, you may upgrade your membership at any time.
  • Is there anything that would disqualify me from having this membership?
    See terms and conditions to determine your eligibility.
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